Product Messaging

Cross-platform In-app Messaging

This is the story about how we built a cross-platform in-app messaging orchestration service at Netflix

Notification center is the new home screen

The iOS App Store first launched in July 2008. Over the last decade, it grew from 25,000 apps available in 2008 to 3.2 million apps in 2018. The Android App Store launched in December 2009, and the number of apps available went from 16,000 in the first year to 2.6 million in 2018. In the early days of these mobile platforms, apps were few and easy to find. Today, there

Product Messaging: Retail vs. Subscription

I recently changed jobs. I went from working in, what one may consider, a traditional email messaging environment with Nest to working for Netflix’s product messaging team. In the last two months, I have learned that the messaging perspectives of these two companies differ greatly especially in regards to how they leverage email. Nest has a product suite consisting of 9+ products in addition to a subscription model targeting security