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We are product messaging enthusiasts.

We define product messaging as a business strategy where customer messaging is an essential part of the core product offering.

Product messaging strategies include looking at messaging holistically for a product or company. This means making thoughtful decisions around paradigms like messaging frequency (how often should we message customers to provide optimal value), timing (the right time to send a message to a customer), caps (if we send this particular message now, would we be losing an opportunity to send a more relevant message later), and balance (the balance between customer value and business needs).

The metrics that matter in product-focused messaging teams are not traditional messaging metrics like open or click rates. Rather, product-focused teams measure success using core business metrics like revenue, retention, or other core metrics that matter to the business. Open and click rates are important as secondary metrics — but mostly as operational data (e.g. to check if something obvious has broken). Secondary metrics are also valuable inputs into other systems to drive more product-focused messages (e.g. machine-learned models based on open-rates).

There are quite a few articles on product messaging. We hope to add to these stories and discussions. You can expect perspectives from people working on product messaging, technical details on messaging infrastructure, tips on analyzing the performance of your messages from data scientists, examples and breakdowns of interesting messaging designs, etc.


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By: George Abraham